Scottish Female Graffiti Artist in Scotland


NYC Graffiti Wall Fragment represents an interpretation of a graffiti wall fragment from NYC, painted by Scottish female artist, Anna Louise Simpson. This is what she says about the work:

“Fragments of graffiti have always fascinated me as an artist. I grew up with Scottish graffiti scribbled on old wooden desks and it was always something forbidden. Growing up watching American movies and TV, I started to see graffiti used as protest art and street art and it really started to fascinate me.

Following a visit to NYC, I sketched a lot of graffiti wall fragments and really started to understand it’s pivotal place in contemporary art. I found that creating this piece as a fragment on a piece of paper rather than an actual wall, says a lot about our modern culture in Scotland and attitude to such an important genre of modern art. Street art is still forbidden in Scotland and the only outlet for graffiti is still on paper.

However, far from suppressing graffiti art, this propels it right into the heart of contemporary art in Scotland and creates a sub-genre that is very exciting.”


Anna Louise Simpson is a female graffiti artist based in Dean Park Mews, Edinburgh. For more information about her work, please visit