Anna-Louise Simpson is a self-taught artist with studios in her native Edinburgh. Anna-Louise grew up watching old black and white movies and drawing the  fashion magazines of her glamorous mother. Her nana was an amazing seamstress and as a result, she had beautiful bespoke clothes as a child. This combination of art and fashion has stayed with Anna-Louise and has given her a passion for vintage movies and pin-ups.

Always a lover of patent shoes, she spent many years as a lawyer before giving it all up to be an artist. She was known as the “Stiletto Lawyer”, so that was a sign of what was to come! Anna-Louise has always painted stilettos shoes and often incorporates them into her art.

Following many visits to New York, Anna-Louise has used graffiti and spray painting in her art and the result is a mixed fusion of street art, fashion and beautiful glamorous ladies…

Layering her work with many images of powerful yet fragile women and their trails of passion and desire, she tells many many stories within her work, which makes the viewer keep coming back for more.  These stories are sometimes gentle whispers, other-times, they are loud and brash graffiti.

Exploring the seams of vulnerability, Anna-Louise produces touching images of beauty and fragility, and in drawing and painting them, becomes the “keeper of fragile things”.